haw haw Philip Hammond anti-democratic

On the eve of Boris Johnson becoming PM, a group of anti-democratic MPs led by outgoing Chancellor, Lord Haw Haw Hammond, have misused parliamentary procedure with the help of the corrupt toad House Speaker, Bercow.

“Today, we have successfully misused and abused parliamentary procedure so that we can thwart the legitimate vote of the people who took part in the largest democratic vote in Britain’s history on June 23, 2016. As corrupt parliamentarians, we are dishonourable members of a group who do not value the legitimate vote of the people, and we align ourselves with foreign powers, NOT with Britain!” Lord Haw Haw Hammond, said gleefully as the sordid procedure to stop Brexit was put through parliament.

Democracy seems to be a dirty word these days in a parliament that once used to pride itself in being fair about respecting the result of any vote by the masses.

One anti-democratic piece of shit, who receives large payments from Brussels, was unrepentant about betraying the British people and the country.

“I would happily sell my children to a medical experiment laboratory, and have no conscience about any of the sordid deeds I commit as an MP. Why do you think it would be hard for me to receive pay-offs from Brussels and lucrative expense deals to betray my country? Democracy? Bah! It was all an illusion to prevent the people rioting. There was never a democracy in Britain, and the EU Referendum is proof of this fact.”

It’s only one more step to Revoke Article 50. These actions by corrupt treasonous anti-democratic MPs are a direct action of speaking out and displaying any plans prior to action. If Boris Johnson and his people had kept quiet, then we would not have witnessed the disgraceful misuse of parliament today by traitors to Britain, and enemies of democracy.

There is however some method to the madness, and this action of floating the proroguing of parliament has revealed the people who are a direct threat to proceedings in the future. It has revealed who needs to be removed and deselected, and it also has positively fried the brains of the remoaners, who have been seen all running around the halls like headless chickens.

Avoiding a constitutional crisis via proroguing could possibly be achieved by triggering a General Election between 7th and 11th October which would result in the automatic and immediate suspension of parliament for an election day on 7 November and have the same effect as prorogation.