The Economist Sold Out in Scotland

GLASGOW - Scotland - The Economist's March issue has been comprehensively sold out in Scotland, the publisher has revealed.

“We’ve never seen anything like it. We’re now having to adjust our deliveries and distribution chain because of the huge demand in Scotland,” Errol Harris, the magazine’s sub-editor revealed.

Sales for the Economist hit the roof when they published a satirical take on the Scots leaving the UK and attempting independence.

“Th’ economist is th’ best hin’ since deep fried mars bars. Ah went an’ bit twal copies jist fur myself,” Scottish Independence leader, Alex Salmon, told BBC Scotland.

All over the country the Scots have been lapping the Economist up.

“Ye cannae say ‘at we Scots dornt hae a sense ay humoor can ye? another Scot quipped into his iPhone from a Falkirk dole queue.