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Why the ECB is Holding the World's Economy to Ransom

FRANKFURT - Germany - The European Central Bank is holding the world to ransom and will be the cause of the next Great Global Depression, purely because they refuse to print money.

The rigid economic policies of the ECB are being utilised to bring the world into another Great Depression and will probably tip the globe into a Third World War as resources dry up and nations become more and more desperate for finance.

“The ECB is the key instrument for the death of the world’s economy and will be the precursor for the annihilation of millions of people in the coming war. If people do not have food to eat, they riot. Look what is happening in Greece, where mothers are abandoning their children in back alleys and retired old men shoot themselves in Syntagma Square. Even though only 4% of Greeks pay income tax, this is still no way to treat them. This is what happens when the ECB makes such stringent economic policies that kill off eurozone countries. Once the eurozone countries are ruined by the ECB, then the knock on effect spreads across the world. If the ECB started QE tomorrow, stock markets worldwide would rise by 60% and wealth would be created once again. Instead, the rigid policies of the ECB will be the cause of Europe’s next war, and when you have China and Russia entering the fray, you know that we will have all out war. Everyone can thank the ECB for that one,” professor of economics, Ronald Welterweight, from Cambridge University told the BBC.

Political commentator Arthur B. Waldon recently wrote in the Times: “One must understand why the ECB needs global war, because the politicians and bankers who came up with the EU are too big-headed to back down from the failed project. Therefore, it is better to go to total war and clean out the unwanted populations before re-commencing the EU project without all the detritous and noise. Only then will the EU project have a chance of succeeding. One cannot create a system like the EU under the current conditions because the ingredients are bad. Once the PIIGS are dumped, they can make the perfect omelette, they will just need to crack a few more eggs to do it and dump the rotten ones in the dustbin. The EU has already had a huge influx of undesirables, and these are not wanted by the EU hierarchy. They will be purged, and once that is complete, the EU will rise from the ashes again.”

The EU’s collectivist fascistic social system also incorporates Marxist ideologies as well as those of Hegel and numerous eugenicists throughout history..

“Ideally the EU state should be a scientific dictatorship where populations are controlled with the use of sterilisation, microchipping and genetic modification. This dream by the fathers of the EU may have to wait 50-60 years to accomplish; until the populations are reduced and the eugenics programs are rolled out. By that time there will be a North American union, and Russo-Chinese union and the rest will be a wasteland where the surviving populations will be forced to survive in very poor conditions. Once the war is over, we will build the EU as it was correctly envisioned. The current populations are now defunct, and we have no use for them anymore. The coming Post-Consumerist age will embrace science, efficiency and total control. Unfortunately for the plebeians, they will be sacrificed to achieve the EU goal. It is a small price to pay for the Great Work, for which we have been waiting and preparing for for hundreds of years. We have through industrialisation come to the technological place where the consumerist is no longer a viable model. With food shortages, reduced pensions, reduced jobs, huge increases in food and fuel costs, they are slowly getting the message,” Jens Luhrmann, a German EU politician revealed in the Die Zeit newspaper.

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