Who Was Great Britain's Greatest Enemy?

LONDON - England - George Washington, Hitler and Napoleon have nothing on Great Britain's ultimate foe.

Who was Britain’s greatest enemy? Following the “100 Greatest Britons” format used on the BBC a few years ago, the National Army Museum selected a shortlist of two recent Labour politicians as Britain’s greatest foes, and asked a group of historians to nominate their choice before a selected audience.

Britain’s greatest foe was not George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler or Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Instead, it was a toss up between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, the former, probably pipping the latter to the post.

“Gordon Brown as chancellor and then unelected PM did more to ruin Britain than any other entity in our great island’s dark history. He was a formidable foe, and destroyed whole swathes of the country and economy in one fell swoop. The scorched earth policy caused so much damage to Britain that it may take hundreds of years to repair. The vandalism he meted out onto the nation is the greatest economic, social disaster we have ever witnessed, and even a thousand Al Qaedas or Hitlers could not come close to what he has done to us. As for Tony Blair, his contribution to Britain’s disaster was not as complete as Gordon Brown’s but the repercussions of his traitorous betrayel of Britain for greed, wealth and money, will be felt for many hundreds of years to come as well. Both Brown and Blair were a double whammy this nation will never get over, and for this reason they are Britain’s greatest foes, and they should be recognised for what they have done to our nation,” Professor Benjamin Dipalastine, one of the historians nominating the candidates for the shortlist revealed to the Telegraph newspaper.