NASA Wants to Put Man on Moon

CAPE CANAVERAL - USA - NASA is planning to send a man to the moon for the first time, president Obama has announced.

“We finally have the technology and the know-how to land on the moon. The year may be 2012 but this is something we have geared ourselves up to do for decades. Our preparations are finally coming to fruition. The United States will be the first nation in the world to put a man on the moon,” President Obama announced on television yesterday.

President Obama has made a re-election pledge to the American people that he will put a man on the moon for the first time in Mankind’s history.

A NASA simulation of what a moon landing would look like

“This will be a small step for man, but one hell of a large step for Mankind. We’re finally going to go to the moon. No other nation has dared to even try such a thing, but we finally have the technology and computers to do it. The heavily radiated Van Allen belt was one of the major concerns but we think we finally have the technology to pass through it safely without killing the astronauts,” a senior NASA employee, Bob Rheinhalstordt, told Reuters.

NASA has not yet released a launch date for the world’s first attempt at landing on the moon, but have hinted that it could happen some time in 2018.