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Murdoch Honoured By Queen For Services to UK Newspapers

LONDON - England - News International boss, Rupert Murdoch, visited Buckingham palace today to receive an MBE for services to the British newspaper industry, it has been revealed.

Murdoch who owns The Sun, News of the World, and Times newspapers will be honoured for his services to Britain’s newspaper industry.

Mr Murdoch flew into Britain from Australia yesterday and attended Buckingham palace with his kung fu fighting mail order bride, 56 years his junior, Wendy Deng.

Over the past forty years, Murdoch has dominated the UK press with thousands of scoops, especially regarding the royal family.

“I knew i was going to get the MBE months ago because our hackers know everything and told me about it. I am greatly honoured by the Queen giving me an MBE, the amount of stuff I know about the royal family, I’ll be tempted to give her a lil wink and pretend to zip up my mouth after she gives me the medal,” Mr Murdoch said from his Park Lane penthouse.

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