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Why Obama Has to Win the Next Election

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Obama has to win the next election because it will be highly entertaining seeing the unrestrained president taking away America's guns, a group of foreign political observers have noted.

“Obama is coming for America’s guns. They are getting the TSA ready to knock on your door and hand over your firearms. It’s OK though, you will get a few vouchers for your pain, maybe some Walmart or Target vouchers where you can buy some food instead, or whatever you want, as long as they are not guns. It’s going to be fun to watch what happens, ” Laura L. Marshall, a key European political observer told Politics Today magazine.

It has been a long time coming and the extreme bad press and scare stories touted by the Obama regime against personal firearms is surefire proof that his agenda will be extremely explosive and inflammatory when he is re-elected as president in October 2012.

“Remember that we’re going to have the Trayvon Martin hearing then too. The president is making sure that the Zimmerman neighbourhood watch guy goes down for many years, and he will cite the gun thing during this period. If Zimmerman was acquitted, we would have black riots everywhere. So, that’s why Zimmerman will go down for life, and it’s written in the judges notes right now. That is if he wants to keep his job, and the jurors will be hand picked of course. This show trial will be the trial that leads to the abolition of firearms across the nation. If you don’t believe me, wait until October, and see for yourselves,” a source within the Pentagon revealed.

America’s Supreme Court, under an Obama Second Term, will be remodelled in Obama’s Anti-Firearm vision. The constitutional freedoms that Americans have enjoyed for hundreds of years will be threatened, as Obama takes away the right for Americans to defend themselve’s with a gun.

The Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, will be scratched completely from the constitution and law. Only law enforcement agents or military will be allowed to carry arms, and even they would be severely restricted in public.

If you think the U.S. Constitution can not be messed with, look at the Fourth Amendment. When the TSA stick their hand down your crotch in an airport or train station, they are violating the Fourth Amendment, the right against unreasonable searches and seizures. What have Americans done to stop that? Nothing. Therefore, Obama knows that the Second Amendment is easy to bulldoze over too. Where are the founding fathers now? 

“The model is the UK. The whole population has been disarmed, and the government and law can do anything to them through absolutism. Look at the Big Brother laws laid out in the UK. No one has any rights anymore, or any reproach to change legislation, or protest, or defence against attackers. The only people who have serious guns in the UK are the criminals with their arsenals of illegals guns. In the UK if someone invades your home and atacks your family, if you defend yourself and family with lethal force, you go to jail for murder. They don’t want people to defend themselves. Even the police don’t have guns in the UK, look it up, they need to call in specially trained armed officers if there is ever an incident, and that can take over an hour for them to come to any scene, by that time, we got blood and guts everywhere. We don’t want the US to end up like the UK — an unarmed people with no rights or future,” Jim Powers, political analyst for Washington think-tank, the Political Fiscal Union wrote in a recent white paper study.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s recent official visit to America probably involved him giving advice to Obama on how to disarm the people of America. If Obama is going to get advice on how to do this, the Brits are the best advisers.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has already revealed his wish to “really brainwash people to think about guns in a vastly different way,” in a 1995 recording.

“We can’t bring in the real laws we want to bring in until Americans are disarmed one by one. If they had guns they might fight back. We don’t want that,” a senior Obama aide told CNN on Friday.

The question is, how is Obama going to disarm America?

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  1. People like you make me sick. You are no patriot just by owning a gun. IS THAT IT? Is that your excuse for being a so-called PATRIOT? Listen up bozo, I am a patriot when I say guns are killing America, because they are there, people use them when their angry, when they want to let off steam. THAT KILLS PEOPLE! If there were severely restricted guns less people would die and we would live in a civilized society not something that is going to go off in any second.

    Owning a gun is not about freedom it is about prison. You are all living in a mental prison in your heads with your guns.

    I want you to think about it next time you shoot that gun why are you doing it. WHY!

  2. I'm sure the cops have prevented a *few* crimes; whatever they happened to witness in progress and stepped in to crush but largely, anyone who dials 911 and waits for help to arrive usually loses. "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away." Karl you are a bleeding heart liberal and no Patriot. You assign human qualities to an inanimate object; guns do not kill, people kill and we have a certain group of people that commit most of the violent crime in America. More guns = less crime….

  3. He will pay a hefty price for attempting to take our firearms. When the likes of him are gone, im sure we of the US will be happy to send shipments of firearms to our Brittish brothers. If you all arent not able to take your country back, we will be glad to help.


    Your fellow pig eating Crusaders =)

  4. What happens when your government becomes the Taliban? That is fine, bring three women between the ages of 18-25 and you can stay with me and my guns when you eventually need protecting. I also like to add, the police have never prevented a crime, they only report and relay the scene afterwards.

  5. Hi I prolly will get alot of minuses for this but I consider myself to be an American patriot. I love my country and I believe we should fight for our rights. But we don't need to have all these guns they are killing people needlessly they are messing up our nation. No other nation in the world has this many guns what is wrong with our society? We drug our children with ritalin and go bour our business with assault rifles. If the cops have guns that is enough, those boys and gals keep us safe so the average citizen doen t need a gun. Please if you are a patriot put your gun down when you are in-country. I understand if we are fighting an enemy like the Taliban YES we need guns but no when you are in the U.S. gOD BLESS YOU ALL AND gOD bLESS aMERICA!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh yeah, it will be fun to watch. Perhaps we can teach the euro sissies what real men and women do when faced with tyranny.

  7. You are going to choke on your tea and crumpets when the americans stand up for their constitutional rights vote Obama out of office. Americans having weapons is what keeps them from being like us, a bunch of unarmed slaves at the mercy of a tyranical government and invading Muslems and Sharia law…

  8. Americans deserve another 4 years of Obama. I love it. I can't wait to see what happens on the telly.

  9. dang this is where i come for my dose of truth..best place on the internet where it tells it like it is…whoosh! IMHO none of the candidates are good tho. there all idiots!

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