'Comedian' Alan Davies to Never Film Jonathan Creek Series on April 11th Ever Again

LIVERPOOL - England - Former comedian Alan Davies, is to never film anything on April 11th ever again citing trauma from Liverpool football fans on his twitter page.

“I can’t wait to film my new series in Liverpool, but I shan’t be filming on April 11th because I had a really bad experience once on twitter on that day when a load of scousers sent me death threats on twitter. From now on April 11th will be a no filming day, and I expect everyone else to adhere to that rule as well. If you don’t feel my pain, I want you to feel my pain, and you better feel my pain and I will tell you how to feel my pain, even though it’s not related to you in any f*cking way,” Mr Davies said from a secret location somewhere in Britain.

Scousers were out in force yesterday looking to deliver Mr Davies’s head on a platter to the Hillsborough football stadium.

“We’ll sniff the little rat out sooner or later. Then we’ll have a little game of footie — with his head, eh, eh, eh!” Jim Scouse, a LFC fan from Liverpool told the Sun newspaper yesterday.

Another Liverpool fan said yesterday: “Forget about him not filming on April 11th. He should stop filming permanently.”