socialist anti-capitalist protest

The latest protest against capitalism by disenchanted socialist American kids leaves a rather bad taste in the mouth.

“We go into a supermarket, which is the symbol of capitalism and its wrongs, and spit or snot on a food product, then put it back on the shelf. This is our protest against a system that is not collectivist and does not spread the wealth, you know like places like Venezuela or Cuba,” Alexander Ocasio Cartagena, 19, from Wilmingdale, Florida told CNN.

This act of youthful defiance has been celebrated and encouraged in democratic circles, and universities across America. In one video, a gay transgender man spits semen into a bottle of mouthwash before putting it back on the shelf.

Anti-Capitalist-Consumer Protest

“These kids have no hope, they have nothing so the way they show their displeasure is to spit in a yogurt pot then put it back on the shelf for some poor bastard to get Hepatitis from. Your child could get an infectious disease from these socialist warriors, but I don’t care about that. This is why y’all have to vote for me in 2020, because I will give everyone free healthcare, free food, free university tuition, free housing and free holidays, plus open all borders without checks,” Bernie Sanders, democrat candidate said today in a rally.

Just imagine, any product you buy in an American supermarket could be wonderfully embellished with some scumbag’s bodily fluids. Enjoy!