theresa may-treason650

According to reports coming from 10 Downing Street, Theresa May has gone back on a previous lie about a lie, that concerned something about a lie she told about the backstop in Ireland, which was revealed to be a lie as well.

Reporting for Sky news, political correspondent, Faisal Islam, who knows everything about politics, revealed the latest lies told by Theresa May, are indeed lies.

“Theresa May has revealed the latest lies she has spoken from her lying mouth. These lies are not different from the previous lies she has spoken, and speaks on a daily basis, but lies upon lies, where her lies end and begin are lies as well. Her latest lies relate to the Irish backstop and she positively reneges on her previous lies by adding more lies to her original lie about the backstop lie.”

Theresa May’s lies have become so intricate in fact that many in her Cabinet believe that her lies are true lies.

“I believe that the lies Theresa May has been saying are true lies. That is to say, that the lie is a truth because it is a lie that can be believed in certain circumstances, especially if one is living in an environment where lies are constantly seen as truth, like you know we do in parliament every fucking lying day,” a confused Amber Rudd told the media before falling down on her knees sobbing copiously.