“Girls will be girls”


Women are perfect creatures of course, and it is only men who are violent bullying beasts who commit unspeakable atrocities daily, socially and physically. This is the new reality being pushed by those who have the power to present their narrative to millions of people worldwide because they have the right budget and clearance to do so.

The statistics for male suicide reveal the truth that these well coordinated campaigns against men are working. Every day thousands of young men, who are seen as disposable, unworthy, and inherently evil, kill themselves because society is seen to be telling them they are worth nothing. Naturally not many news or media outlets are highlighting this, or even care.

Global suicide rates among adolescents in the 15-19 age group, according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) Mortality Database, were examined. Data for this age group were available from 90 countries (in some cases areas) out of the 130 WHO member states. The mean suicide rate for this age group, based on data available for the latest year, was 7.4/100,000. Suicide rates were higher in males (10.5) than in females (4.1). This applies in almost all countries.

Men and women should be coming together, and be portrayed equally by the controlling media organisations. By doing what they are doing, and portraying men in an unfavourable light constantly only creates hatred, discord, suicide, and a malformed skewed society steeped in biased one-sided malicious hostility.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) UK

Suicide Prevention Helpline US