Clean Brexit: Hurrah! Lord Haw Haw Hammond Plus Remoaners Threaten to Quit

LONDON - England - Chancellor, Hammond and other Remoaners threaten to quit if there is a Clean Brexit. That is the best solution to all of the government and UK's problems.

You can’t get better than that, not only will government be cleaned out of remoaners if there is a Clean Brexit, but Britain will not have to pay £39 Billion into an EU budget black hole as a Brexit punishment payment, and will leave the EU completely. If there ever was a win win situation, this would be it.

Trade on WTO terms, just like 98% of the world, keep our sovereignty, take control of the borders completely, and be able to make our own laws, as well as take back fishing rights in UK waters, plus control our own farming.

The real bonus is remoaners threatening to quit now if there is a Proper Brexit. This is exactly what parliament needs, it needs these horrid pustulous non-entities to disappear and never be seen again, and if they leave of their own volition all the better. They can find another way of betraying Britain one supposes, maybe join another extremist Remoaner group somewhere in a locked cupboard to rant and rave in the dark to each other about how terrible freedom and democracy is.

Clean Brexit = Win Win Situation, what’s not to love about it?