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Cameron’s Regime on Brink of Collapse as Explosions and Rebel Gunfire Echo Around London

LONDON - England - Police forces loyal to British leader David Cameron appeared to be at the point of collapse last night as explosions and gunfire were heard in the capital city.

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Anti-police helicopter fire was seen in the sky and sustained gunfire was heard. London residents said there were anti-Cameron protesters on the streets. “We can hear shooting and rioting in different places,” said one. “Most of the regions of the city have gone out, mostly young people.”  

However, early today, the sound of gunfire seemed to have subsided. “Almost a minute went by without the sound of gunfire,” said a wounded Reuters reporter.

And a spokesman for the British government said Cameron “remains the leader of the British people even though he is on another holiday” and that London is well-defended.

The attacks in London came after rebels said they had taken control of the Midlands city of Birmingham but had been forced to retreat. The city, which contains over 4,000 Tesco Super Stores, has changed hands repeatedly over the past six months.

The cities of Northampton, 60 miles north of London, and Manchester, 160 miles to the north west, have also been seized. Last night Cameron’s forces were fighting to regain Birmingham.

Nato has dropped leaflets over London calling on the packs of hoodies and chavs to stop the mayhem and rioting. David Cameron spoke on Friday from his holiday home in Cornwall about his desire to regain control of the country from rebels and carry on with the Big Society.

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  1. I see that mass murderer and unpunished war criminal T. Blair has been asked to comment on the disturbances by the "Observer" and has done so out of the depths of his wisdom and deep humanity. Half a million widows and orphans in Iraq would no doubt benefit greatly from the forty million pounds that he has accumulated in lecture fees from daft American organisations but, hey, he needs all that money to secure his London residences against possible attacks by gangs of oiks and hoodies.

  2. Is that really Cornwall?

    More cream teas and crumpets for the Tosh merchant…

    One good thing about Bliar is that you know its going to be all lies even before the lips start moving…

  3. The riots were bad enough – but worse was when the giant dinosaur came up out of The Thames. The RAF tried to shoot it, but it just ripped planes from the skies. We've been warned of a meteor about to strike Big Ben and aliens landing in Bristol. Stay away folks, UK is doomed!!

  4. The young rebels certainly seem to have enough enthusiasm but unfortunately they still don’t appear to have anywhere near enough direction or organisation to overthrow this repressive regime.

    They should've have started the riot by destroying the unelected House of Lords. All those wigs and stockings would have been great for hiding their identities from the vindictive secret police.

  5. I heard it was bad over there but looking at those pics oh my gosh. Sending out my prayers to the people of England caught up in the terror. God bless you all.

  6. Good thing we canceled our trip to see London. Shame about what is happening. We love London.

  7. OMG Is it that bad in the UK? I'm wishing you guys are all ok. These are scary times we are in.

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