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The West Finally Gets Gaddafi's Oil

TRIPOLI - Libya - Once again the West has prevailed and ensured another few years of oil supply thanks to the rebels who have now ousted the errant colonel from his land.

Eventually it had to happen. The oil fields are now under the control of America and Britain and will ensure another twenty three years of solid supply at 1.8 million barrels per day, for the West.

‘In the name of freedom’

Oil reserves in Libya are the largest in Africa and the ninth largest in the world with 41.5 billion barrels. Already, the oil reserves in Iraq have been pretty much depleted by the U.S. to low levels and Libya will provide the next oil boost for the parasitical gas guzzling nation.

Libya is considered a highly attractive oil area due to its low cost of oil production (as low as $1 per barrel at some fields), and proximity to European markets.

“We didn’t even have to put troops on the ground like we did with Iraq. That was way too messy. This way we used the dumbfuck rebels, then after they’re done, we take over the spoils. Too frickin’ easy,” a Pentagon official said as he high fived a colleague.

American strategists were worried that they would either have to invade Iran or Saudi Arabia to get the next section of oil, which would have been extremely messy. Gaddafi is easy pickings and a steal.

Most of Libya remains unexplored as a result of past sanctions and disagreements with foreign oil companies, and this is why the recent rout of the Gaddafi regime will provide rich pickings for the American and British oil companies, who have been waiting patiently in the sidelines.

“America uses up 48% of the world’s resources and it is like a leech sucking up everything and destroying anything in its path. It has an irresistible hunger for other countries’ resources and once those are all used up, it moves onto the next country. Just look at the millions of cars on its spaghetti junction roads, ten lanes on each side. No one walks in America. Everyone drives a gas guzzling 4 mpg behemoth SUV to work and a few yards to their Walmart stores laden with any Chinese trinket imaginable. It assimilates whole cultures into its collective with its movies and sitcoms, its culture destroys anything else in its path. This is the reality,” Professor of History at Cambridge University, Joseph Pavlov, told the Times.

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  1. you know there is the option of open democracy where no one actually rules the world, no one is meant to rule the world have you never read 1984 or do you just read the tips and info on call of duty? you dumb fucking cunt you know why the whole world hates pricks like you cos you sum up america completely…… down with the USA go suck a neo con dick and continue to be brainwashed. you flaunt freedom with profanities of war crimes in the aid of your own needs, your downfall will be your own greed and you dont even realise the lies you are told in your cotton wool world of glorification of deprivation and war. go USA! lets take some more recourse's that dont belong to us by creating a catalyst like 9 11 and creating the lie of the war on terror, and lets do it in the name of honor and duty so the whole fucking country is brainwashed into the old go USA you make me fucking sick i side with the east any day you fucking pricks

  2. Speaking German without the US? Please. You lot carefully missed the first half of the war – did you know it actually started in 1939? The US only came in once the dirty work had been done!

  3. colonel/dictator… "his" lands? / land granted to his control via US military influence… put it together it's not overt action but the US lets dictator's do what they want as long as they do what the US wants, to a point… nobody is safe. take off the wig and the sunglasses he's just another shell of a man, in power b/c he had enough power to keep his people in control… the zUS is just gonna put someone else in power that adheres to their interests regardless of whether its a dictator or a religious zealot, if they do what we say they'll be around (until it better suits the US interests), then they'll be replaced, even if they were promoting or creating a REAL or better form of DEMOCRACY!!! its already happened dozens of times. we take out democracy install dictators or regimes that kill millions of people in some cases, and propaganda the way to erasing the truth and making ourselves look like good guys. fuk the BS. gaddafi is also a piece of shiit but only gets power from the ignorant masses that give said power to the Dbag's that are ripping at the throats of every normal person who doesn't have the power/wealth to influence and control

  4. What are the alternatives to a world without the U.S.A? C'mon I wanna hear ya? Gimme some good examples…You want to be ruled by Iran? Russia or China?

    America IS THE WORLD. Plain and simple. WE ARE THE WORLD.

  5. God bless America. Where would you Limeys be without us? Yeah, speaking German. Never forget that.

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