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Murdoch: "I Have Permanent Amnesia"

WAPPING - England - The son of Rupert Murdoch has been diagnosed with a permanent form of amnesia, doctors working for the murdochs have revealed.

“I have no recollection of anything in anyway or know why anything happened or if it ever happened in the first place, or what it is. I do not know about what you are talking about, or the questions you ask me. What did you say? I do not remember who, what, where about anything or anyone and neither does my amnesiac father Rupert, whoever he is,” James Murdoch, the CEO of News International, told a Commons hearing yesterday.

Members of News International were recalled to answer questions about the hacking scandal and how former News International reporter, Clive Goodman had confessed that everyone openly discussed hacking phones.

Mr Murdoch was seen to hand over a doctor’s note to the front bench of MPs detailing his newly acquired illness.

“We understand that you have a permanent case of amnesia, very similar to the type of amnesia which has overcome your underlings, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. Maybe it is a contagious disease,” MP for Withenshaw, Jeremy Khunt, who was interviewing the News International hierarchy, said before being handed a brown paper envelope thick with freshly minted notes.

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