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Four Year Prison Sentences For Every British Facebook User

WARRINGTON - England - Thoughtcrime is now a reality in modern day Britain, and George Orwell is probably nodding his head in agreement in his grave.

Everything you say on Facebook is recorded, noted down and will be used against you at a later date if need be. This is the reality that millions of Facebook users have to live with now as their every miniscule thought is analysed by the authorities.


“You would have to be a f*cking idiot to have a Facebook page up and tell everyone everything about yourself. Don’t you have any shame? Any dignity? Are you really that stupid? Why don’t you just hand over everything to the marketers, spooks and ruthless Ad men. Listen to me, never divulge anything on Facebook. They can come for you in the middle of the night for your thoughtcrimes. They will take you away and you will lose everything,” Dave Ingram, who is serving a six year sentence in Pentonville prison for thoughtcrimes against the state, told the BBC during a prison interview.


Will Facebook users realise how they were duped into the enclosed surveillance world of electronic experimentation, where their every thought is probed, analyzed then imputed into a computer to be kept forever?

“These Facebook users still have no fear, maybe because they are trusting sheep, ready for the slaughter. We can come for them anytime we wish, all it takes is for them to utter a thoughtcrime against the state. It can be a little joke, or a little remark, we want you to fear what you say because we are watching and analyzing every thought from your piddling minds,” a surveillance officer for an anonymous agency told the BBC anonymously.

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  1. Too late, buddy! Once it's out there, it is out there… like an indelible mark in cyberspace. Facebook owns you!

  2. I tried to delete my facebook page and all the info and I could not. They say that anything you upload to their servers is the property of facebook and they can do anything they want with it. It is in their terms and conditions which I sadly did not read when I joined up 2 years ago.

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