theresa may - the end

Well done to David Davis who had the courage to put his country before his job last night by resigning, however, because of the Conservative anger towards the BRINO Chequers White Paper, Theresa May is now falling on Labour to push her sell-out Brexit In Name Only plan.

Theresa May’s deputy, arch Remainers, David Lidington, and Gavin Barwell will be meeting with the opposition Labour party MPs at 11am to ask them to vote for the Chequers BRINO deal that has caused many Conservatives to abstain.

“Theresa May is now working with the socialists as she has completely alienated Tory grassroots voters and fellow MPs. She is now working with Labour to put through a plan that will shackle the UK to the EU indefinitely with no chance of ever getting out,” one Tory MP revealed on condition of anonymity.

The only chance now for the country is for the correct amount of signatures delivered to the 1922 Committee and a vote of no confidence placed on Theresa May’s desk.

Will the Tories save face after the Cabinet BRINO betrayal? Will Boris Johnson come in from the dark side, and forget the bribes and career promises?

If there is a chink of light in the darkness, please let it shine on BoJo to put the final nail in the coffin of Theresa May’s barren plan. You can redeem yourself Boris.