Brexit: “Screw Ireland Build 200 Foot High Border Wall”

LONDON - England - No one should be dictating to Britain about anything, let alone a zone of the EU which has been defeated by Brussels surrendering their sovereignty completely, namely Ireland.

The Remainer PM, Theresa May, who could not negotiate her way out of a paper bag, is a lacklustre wet drip with no fucking balls or desire to free Britain from the octopus grip of the EU with a real Brexit as voted by the people.

Mrs. May has again capitulated for the umpteenth time to demands from not only the EU but now Ireland, an EU controlled country now led by an Indian homosexual PM, who prefers picking pansies in his boutique garden to making any sort of common sense negotiations.

Thanks to the Remainer insipid PM, Britain is now tied to the EU for god knows how long with the so-called Customs-Union and Single Market. This means that International trade deals are now postponed indefinitely, and the whole premise of Brexit is non-existent.

You can hear the traitorous Remainers on big bank busting EU pension plans and Brussels handouts laughing joyously as Britain is sold down the river once again, the people trodden on, democracy now a long distant memory.

For these people, these traitors, these vile scum sucking Remainers who willingly wipe their arses on the British flag for money and hatred of their own nation, this is a definite win for them.

What this means is that the ‘will of the people’ means nothing in Britain today. Democracy does not exist in Britain. All those promises before the EU Referendum that the vote would be final, would be legally binding and a true measure of the democratic will of the people — it was all a big fucking lie.

The people have been lied to, dragged through the dirt, their vote usurped, spit on and defiled. The sovereign right for Britain to rule itself, make its own rules, make its own trade deals on its own terms, control its own borders, are all a dream of the past. For thousands of years these islands have always made their own destiny, but today that is all gone, we as an island are now ruled comprehensively by others from foreign lands who are milking us monetarily and do not care one fig about us.

Britain is effectively a beaten country, ruled by traitors, sold off for the lowest price to foreign powers for a pittance.

Remainers spit on the graves of those who died in the two great wars to bring Britain freedom. They scowl at the graves, pull down their trousers and literally shit on the graves of those soldiers who gave their lives for Britain. Remainers are the evil face of pure hatred and greed, their avarice fuelled by unelected members of the EU Commission and their handouts in brown envelopes delivered to these quisling Remainers in dark back alleys.

Lord Haw Haw would be proud today at Remainers and the House of Lords, who betrayed Britain, sold us off to the enemy with no fucking way of getting out.

And all of this happened under the gaze of so-called Brexiteers in Cabinet and parliament. Brexiteers, who were meant to defend democracy, and the will of the people yet did nothing…they were impotent. They postulated of course, we will do this, we will do that, but they had no fucking balls to do anything, too afraid of losing their positions in government or parliament. Not one of them stood up for Britain, there was no sacrificial Charge of the Light Brigade cry as they ran towards the enemy, they just stood by and watched, powerless, creatures with not one single fucking bollock between them, a vomitous menage of losers, braced with yellow piss coloured cowardice.

One must therefore assume the so-called Brexiteers in parliament are in cahoots with the Remainers, that is the only conclusion to come to, and it is a sad detrimental conclusion that ultimately reveals the truth about this whole Brexit farce.

Fuck You

No one should dictate to Britain what it can and cannot do. Britain dictates to others, not the other way round.

Ireland and its demands are thus rendered impotent, because Ireland is a land ruled by the EU, they are a beaten country, a land which has already been conclusively beaten and defeated by Brussels. Fuck you. You are now worthless, you are not Ireland anymore, you are something else, you are lower than dirt, a defeated people with no self worth or national pride.

Build a 200 ft high steel wall across the infected border with Northern Ireland, man it with turrets and electric fences to make a successful Brexit. If it means this, let it be, to free Britain from the EU, without loss of territory — let it be.

It can, and SHOULD be done.