Russell Brand Claim That He Took Meghan Markle ‘Up the Greek’ Met With Outrage

BRISTOL - England - Former comedian and actor, Russell Brand has claimed in a TV show that he took Meghan Markle 'up the Greek'.

The recent Russell Brand appearance on Loose Women has caused outrage in royal circles as well as the general public.

Speaking freely during the television show Loose Women, Russell Brand revealed that Meghan Markle was part of the cast for the film he was in called ‘Take me up the Greek’.

“Not only was she in the film cast, but I was in her too after the scene in me lil caravanny thingy wingy. That prince ‘arry is a lucky bloke. I took her up the Greek.” the 42-year-old actor stated when asked if it was true he shagged Markle, 36, during an appearance on the ITV show Loose Women Wednesday.

Paradigm Shit

Palace courtiers were not too happy with Russell Brand after the show aired but have kept a stony dignified silence over the whole affair.

There is speculation however that not only is Prince Harry not happy about Brand’s declaration but Prince Philip literally blew off his colostomy bag upon hearing the news.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, who portrayed rocker Aldous Snow in the 2010 flop, went on to imitate someone objecting to Meghan’s and Prince Harry‘s highly-anticipated royal wedding on Saturday.

“Meghan Markle, there we go. ‘If anyone has any reason …’” teased Brand before adding, “Yeah! Russell Brand snogged her in a film, then took her up the Greek afterwards!’ Never mind her bloody dad selling photos!” he said referring to the news that Markle’s dad participated in staged paparazzi photos.

Members of the public were not too happy about Brand’s words either. Some even suggested the Queen condemns Brand to the Tower where he is ‘taken up the Greek’ by a big burly Beefeater, then his head ‘chopped orf’ for posterity’s sake, and unceremoniously displayed on a spike at Traitor’s Gate.