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No Brexit

LONDON - England - With a treacherous PM, House of Lords and a multitude of home grown traitors, Brexit had no chance. Especially when Britain has already been defeated from within.

Yes, yes, of course we said it all along. Brexit would be nigh on impossible, and we have sadly been proven right, time and time again.

The unelected Brussels salaried House of Lords treasonous Remainers are to pass the final nail in the coffin bill for a referendum that held big promises but sadly no real fighters backing it.

Britain has been proven to be a lost cowardly nation, a country of slaves who are bent over the table by the EU daily and unceremoniously fucked by large continental cocks, then brutally ordered to clean up the mess afterwards.

There is no dignity left in a country where snivelling weasel traitor Remainers jostle with each other for the best position to be violently anally raped by their laughing foreign controllers who then spit on their Remainer heads as reward.

The Battle of Britain was fought for nothing as was the whole of World War II. It is ironic that Britain declared victory yet have now fallen to slavery of the EU unelected masters ruling over them and dictating their laws. Millions thus died for a meaningless Pyrrhic victory.

Lest we forget the treachery of Theresa May who was instated as PM for the very reason of the ultimate betrayal.

Brexit was a utopian dream of freedom. Unfortunately, dream’s cannot be realised in already conquered countries, especially when there is so much home made treachery about.

No Brexit. The whole thing was just a mirage…a brief glimpse across the prison walls….a slight ray of light through the prison bars….now all hope is gone….the dove of light is diseased, turning black, shrivelling up and dying.

Let us set sail once again, make our own trade deals, be the masters of our own destiny, make our own laws…a dream…fading in the now tumultuous waters…sharks ripping at the oars…wake up…this is still Britain under dystopian control from the EU, gloating with glee at their nefarious victory over the defeated Britons they snigger as the free money continues its flow into their overloaded coffers.

Once a strong nation, now nothing more than inhabited by lazy, cowardly losers with no fucking balls.

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