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Tory Brexiteers Fling Wet Fish Into Thames

LONDON - England - Tory protesters and fishermen have tossed a big wet fish into the river Thames where it drowned.

Protesters have flung a big flapping wet fish into the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament this morning in a demonstration against the Government’s Brexit transition deal.

Fishermen and Tory MPs took part in the protest after the Government caved to demands from Brussels that Britain remain in the Common Fisheries Policy until 31 December 2020.

The climbdown over the transition deal means that the UK will be subject to quotas imposed on British fishermen from the EU for an additional 21 months.

Setting off shortly after 8am, the fishing vessel HMS Brexit set sail under Tower Bridge towards Parliament, carrying more than a dozen journalists and fishermen ready to fling the wet fish into the Thames.

Sold Britain down the river

“She kept trying to justify capitulating to Brussels and being a wet fish. She’s sold us all down the river with this terrible transition deal which will see our fishermen scuppered,” a protester said before the flinging commenced.

Just like everything else, wet fish, Theresa May was pathetic even to the end, and as the Tories and fishermen lifted her up, she blubbed like a soppy sodden sponge.

With an almighty splash, the wet fish first sank, then rose, drowned, floating silently down the river that has for centuries been the heart and soul of the capital.

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