First They Came for the Satirists, and I Did Not Speak Out— Because I Was Not a Satirist.

LONDON - England - Amongst the mass censorship purge by leftwing monopoly tech companies, there are only a few voices speaking up -- the rest are silent.

tiananmen square - daily squib

Where will this mass censorship drive by left wing tech companies end? The internet is slowly being purged of free thought and freedom of expression by monopoly companies that control 95% of everything now on the world wide web.

All there is is silence. No one apart from a few sites and people are speaking up or doing anything about it.

Well if you don’t stand up for your rights, then one day you will be next, one day you will be censored, demonetized and deleted, or relegated to page 3,000 in search. Who will speak up for you then? NO ONE!

As well as Martin Niemöller’s words that ring so true in this insane Orwellian age, we can also mention Edmund Burke who famously stated — “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

How ironic that Google once said that it’s motto was: “Don’t be Evil”

Just as Google has censored our satire and parody so too is China.

In retrospect, what is happening right now is beyond evil, because what these monopoly tech companies and their extreme leftist policies are doing is in fact aligning with communist Chinese censorship and its destructive dictatorial ideology. And here we thought we lived in a functioning Western democracy where we had rights of free speech? Alas, the tech companies like twitter, facebook and google have demonstrated otherwise by inhibiting our fundamental rights to human expression and freedom.


Our brand of Juvenalian satire has been punished so severely that we can barely write anything or post a picture without Google punishing our site. Such are the lengths they go to to censor satire, a literary genre borne from the beginning of mankind’s history.

How would Decimus Iūnius Iuvenālis have dealt with the Google push against real satire and free speech on the internet?

No doubt, he would have reacted with great disgust. Not only at the punishers of free speech but at the media companies, the authors, the writers, the politicians and supposed guardians of democracy who are NOW silent. Even so-called upholders of investigative journalism and satire, Private Eye, who are now merely establishment BBCified stooges towing the line are silent. You are pathetic in your silence, but one day, you may hark back to this moment and realise you were wrong and cowardly.

Berners Lee? Where is he? Nowhere to be seen.

All we know is, the Daily Squib stood up. We will fight them to the end, to the end of the universe, to the end of time, and to the end of every sinew, every muscle group and every fucking last drop of our spittle for our right to write satire and parody.

google vs daily squib satire cartoon
cartoon: Damien Glez

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