Carla Bruni Pregnant Who’s the Father?

PARIS - France - The search is on across the country for the father of Bruni's child, the French press and media are reporting.

“He has to be somewhere. We are searching thousands of male DNA records to try and locate the father. Carla is certainly not known for her chaste vestal ways, therefore in theory, the father of her child could be anyone in France,” Francois Hubert, a reporter for Le Figaro wrote on Tuesday.

Pregnancy rumours reached fever pitch on Monday after a lunchtime TV news anchor told the first lady: “I know you don’t like people talking about your private life, but I just want to say it wasn’t me. I’m not the father despite what happened.” The supermodel-turned-singer blushed, replying: “You slimy scumbag.”

There are even reports of Dominique Strausse-Kahn being implicated as he spent five minutes with Carla a number of months ago.

“All it takes is a few minutes with Gaston alone in a room with any female, especially one as beautiful as Carla, and you can imagine the fireworks going off,” another reporter quipped.

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