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Strauss-Kahn Joins Up With Madoff in Prison

RIKERS ISLAND - USA - Some say it was love at first sight, others say, when Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Bernie Madoff met in prison this weekend, there were knowing nods of appreciation between the two financiers.

There is quite a lot of similarity between the two incarcerated men; both were in huge positions of power, both misused their power, and now both will have to pay for their flirtations with the brief moments of madness they have succumbed to.

“It is quite endearing when you have people with enormous amounts of power, self-destructing like this. Bernie and Dominique are two such men. They are players of a game that got out of hand, that took them by surprise, yet, once they were caught, I am sure they let out a huge sigh of relief,” the resident prison psychiatrist, Alistair Fredericks, told Fox news.

One minute, Strauss-Kahn was in a $3000-per-night Manhattan hotel room doing what he has probably done with autonomy countless times, and then next he was in a tiny cell.

One can only think that a man of such power, heading the IMF, has possibly rubbed someone up the wrong way to be treated so. If it was any other day, or in a plush Parisian neighborhood, the powers that be would cover this up like a stink in an elevator. Instead, here he his, paraded in front of everyone, doing the ‘perp walk’ that Americans so love seeing their un-tried villains doing.

The same goes for Madoff. There is no way that he could have pulled off his deceit for all those years without the big players and authorities knowing. He too must have rubbed someone up the wrong way towards the end, and was hauled in.

What of all the other men of power out there, who secretly dream of being hauled in as well? There must be many, who are fed up because whatever they do, they get away with, and after awhile it gets too much for some. Might Tony Blair one day garner a conscience and confess his crimes? One doubts it very much. These soulless machines created by the demonic state and banking system need to self-destruct, to shed some of the dead skin, either that, or to feel alive once again, just for a fleeting second before they are taken away in a limousine to jail to rot away forever.

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