Google Cited in Drive-by Shooting on Facebook HQ

PALO ALTO - USA - In a tit-for-tat episode that is threatening to escalate the war between Facebook and Google, there has been another drive-by shooting at Facebook's headquarters it has been revealed.

“They sprayed the lobby with bullets. We’ve got casings all over the place. Look at this, this is my trophy for the first $3 billion I made, and it’s smashed to shit,” an angry Mark Zuckerburg told the reporters from CNN.

The drive-by shooting occurred at 10am Friday and had been the fifth drive-by incident last week.

“It’s getting to be a real pain. I was walking my dog past the Facebook HQ last week and I heard some banging, then a car sped off at high speed. Didn’t think much of it until I got home to find my pooch got shot in the leg. These despicable internet wars have to stop,” an angry Palo Alto resident told Wired magazine.

The animosity has escalated recently because of the alleged ‘smears’ Facebook have been orchestrating against Google.

“They hit us, we hit them back harder. These are turf wars, blood, and you better get outta the way, homes,” a Google executive toting an Uzi 9mm told CNN.

Additional reporting by Lee Buck and Susie Concho

  • Kawazu

    I wonder if Google realise that 75% of their traffic is made up of people using them as their 'emergency non-porn tab'

  • internet mercenary

    Nobody's in danger in these drive-by hits, after the first shot those geeks are knocked flat on their backs shooting at the sky by the recoil on a gun

  • pietro

    I can't think of anything more terrible yet kinda funny….a bunch of geeks going around shootin bullets at people?

  • Jeb

    I hope the police catch the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. What if someone got shot or even worse killed? Stupid rich college boys got nothing better to do witht there time. Law enforcement needs to come down hard on these gangs.