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New 'Two and a Half Men With Mom' Series to Start Soon

LOS ANGELES - USA - The producers of the new format series 'Two and a Half Men With Mom' are patting themselves on the back for a job well done after dumping Charlie Sheen and bringing in Ashton Kutcher with his mother.

“We’ve seen the pre-screening ratings for this thing and it f*cking blew us away. We had it pretty good with Charlie but this new series makes that loser look like a drop in the f*ckin’ ocean,” Larry Sandnitz, one of the producers for the show told Entertainment Weekly.

The new show stars Ashton Kutcher instead of Charlie Sheen, but with an added bonus of his mother joining in.

“Demi is great in this. She tells him to change his underwear, gets him a packed lunch and even sews on some buttons on one of those many gaudy shirts,” Mr Sandnitz added.

The third episode of the first series is set for some serious hijinks with Moore and Kutcher getting into some compromising situations on screen.

“Let’s just say, Oedipus has nothing on these two,” another producer, Jacob Rosenblatz, revealed.

In the second series, things will get even crazier, that’s when the dad turns up. Bruce Willis, is already preparing for the role right now and is set to be paid a multi-million dollar fee for his cameo.

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