1967 Borders: Israel Declares War on Obama

TEL AVIV - Israel - Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has declared war on U.S. president, Barack Hussein Obama, the Haaretz news service has reported.

“Obama is not getting re-elected, because he wants us to go back to the 1967 borders. I guess he did not reckon on the Jewish lobby in America for funding,” Ariel Shamon, a political commentator from Tel Aviv said on Israel Plus.

All over Israel and the Jewish world, there were declarations of war against the “imposter who dares to question Israel”.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also expressed his disappointment over the support of the Palestinians who have had their land systematically occupied for so long by Israel: “We didn’t like what Obama said about Israel when he first came in to office, and we don’t like what he is saying now that he is begging for re-election. He has got about as much chance of being re-elected now as a pork scratching being found in a synagogue. The guy is insane, doesn’t he know that we own the media, Hollywood as well as banking and big business? Obama, just because you just assassinated Osama does not mean you can speak up to the masters of the U.S. You stupid gentiles will never learn will you? Idiotic goyim, you will never learn until we take your toys away, besides, we think Obama is a dirty Muslim.”

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox news and News Corp. is already upping the scale on the Obama smear campaigns and he is guaranteed to lose the election now.

“Obama has a choice, take what he said back and be re-elected or increase his guard, because Mossad does not f*ck around. Hasn’t he ever watched ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan’? He better get extra security. In either case, that shegetz is not getting elected again,” Mr Shamon added.