African Americans: "Next Time We Want a Black President"

WASHINGTON DC - USA - A poll amongst African Americans has revealed the startling revelation that blacks are not happy with Barack Obama in any way and are wishing they had never voted for him in the first place.

“I don’t know what this guy is but he ain’t black, that’s fo’ sho’,” Shaquila Jefferson, 43, a musician from South Carolina said about Barack Obama after seeing the poll results on CBS news.

The poll states that African Americans do not think that Barack Obama is black enough in his policies, his attitude, his speech and also his relations with other black people.

“Brother, this guy ain’t a brother. I seen white folk more black than Barack. I bet he don’t even know what soul food is, don’t own a Ray Charles rekow or utilise any other African American stereotypes. I heard the guy don’t even eat fried chicken and watermelon. The only thing this guy got in common with other brothers is that his dad skipped town when he was a kid and left his momma to raise him,” Freddy Shanks, 54, from Harlem, New York said.

The late Richard Pryor showing Barack Obama how it’s done


Another black Obama critic, Tayshaun Davenport, from Atlanta said: “Nigga’s crazy! If Obama acted like a real brotha, he would’ve brought us out of those wars in Afghanistan and Iraq started by the white devil. We got no business being in those countries shooting people up fo’ no reason and getting our asses kicked. What’s Obama done for us? I’m talkin’ about the black community. Nothing. Big fat fuckin’ zero. He be talking down to us, but he done nothing. We worked for the white man for four hundred years without pay, then this dude Obama comes along, and what he do? He works for the white man some mo’. Now call me stupid or whatever, but I know fo’ sho’ Barack ain’t one of us — he’s just a house [email protected]@er.”

Barack Hussein Obama is riding so low in the polls that even the retired George W. Bush is sniggering.

“I got to hand it to Barack. He’s carrying on with my message and style real good. Hell, he’s even played more rounds of golf than I did during my tenure as chimp in chief. Now watch this swing,” Mr Bush said from his local golf club in Texas.