Celebrity Who Was NOT Hacked to Sue News of the World

LONDON - England - An unnamed celebrity who was not hacked by Rupert Murdoch's News of the World newspaper is to sue for not having their phone conversations hacked resulting in serious loss of celebrity credibility.

Speaking from a secret London hotel, the unnamed celebrity said: “Anyone who is anyone was hacked by the News of the World. Why wasn’t I? This is a dreadful slight on my celebrity career. I’ve been in loads of reality shows and judged a few talent shows too. I attend all the film opening nights and even opened an Asda branch in Watford last week.”


The celebrity hacking scandal dogging the News of the World has definitely taken a turn for the worse with celebrities who have been hacked suing the paper and some who have not suing as well.

“Obviously they feel as if they are not good enough to be hacked and this can hurt the celebrities’ ego. I have had to consult and heal quite a few of these celebrities who have not been hacked. I’ve got four of them in the Priory already this week,” clinical therapist to the stars, Raj Persaud, told the BBC.