What Do the Vegas Mass Shooting and Dallas Church Massacre Have in Common?

TEXAS - USA - The most recent mass shooting in a Texan church that killed 26 people leads to a pattern

What do the Las Vegas mass shooting and Dallas church massacre have in common?

Well, the target of the Vegas shooting was a Country music audience, white, Christians and most probably American patriots who support their president. The target for the Dallas church massacre were white, Christians, most probably American patriots who support their president. Both of these targets supported Donald Trump, because American Liberals do not attend Country music festivals. As for the church massacre, staunch Christians attending church were most probably all Republican voting Trump supporters. You would never catch a liberal praising Jesus in a Texas church wearing a Stetson and chewing on a piece of tobacco.

“This is the crux of the matter. It’s right there in plain sight to see. There is definitely a pattern developing here. We have two incidents where right wing white Christian Trump voters were targeted, and the funny thing is no one in the media is mentioning any correlation to these two incidents. In fact, everything about these mass murders is being kept under the radar. My theory is that if the militias get fired up that their kind is now a target by these left leaning shooters, they might start fighting back, and the government does not want a full scale civil war on their hands,” Joe Bloom, a crime analyst revealed on Tuesday.

We all know what a fractured nation America is right now, and this thought also extends towards the internal government where every day another fracture develops.

The question is who will be the next target for mass shooting? The Las Vegas shooter killed 58 Trump supporters and injured 546. The Texas shooter killed 26 Trump supporters.

We shall have to see what happens in the future, and decide whether there is further correlation to the previous mass shootings. The Vegas shooting occurred on 1 October, and the Texas church massacre occurred on November 5. Both these shootings are at the beginning of the month, and one suspects the Texas shooter specifically chose 5 November (Guy Fawkes night) for a very specific reason.

The next mass shooting is therefore probably going to occur between December 1-5 if the pattern is correct. The targets will be Trump voters, white, Christian, American patriots.

The only thing to address is where? Both of these shooters in Vegas and Texas were lone wolves who came out of nowhere. There are absolutely no clues apart from a dedicated target of Trump supporters. Could be in any state, any county, any town across America.

We will relate back to this article after the next shooting occurs.