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Jeremy Corbyn Leaked Document Reveals Remarkable Info On the ‘Jezza’

ISLINGTON - England - If you want something to stick in that Christmas stocking or as a genuine present for the socialist/Marxist in your household, the Jeremy Corbyn Annual 2018 is it.

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The Daily Squib has acquired through clandestine means, the dossier that MI5 wish they had on Jeremy Corbyn.

This dangerous document is the 100% Unofficial Jeremy Corbyn Annual 2018 by authors Adam G Goodwin,‎ Jonathan Parkyn and Dicken Goodwin published by Portico at Pavilion Books, which is a delightful read for everyone, not just commie bastards who go around preaching about the merits of Stalin or Lenin to people waiting for a bus on a Sunday morning somewhere in Plaistow.

You don’t have to be a member of the Labour party to read this magnificent book replete with photo stories about Jezza’s exploits; fun puzzles for the whole family to gather around and do, and even a few Halloween masks to cut out. If you want to find out what goes through the mind of Comrade Corbyn at his holiday dacha, why not complete a crossword on his favourite words, or design a new beard style that will wow the Islington champagne socialists on the High Street.

There’s tonnes of Jezza gossip, you’ll be the Corbyn know-it-all at the office party, or at the party conference.

Be the leader of the pack with the essential left-wing life hacks that could change your life, or condemn yourself to look like a whinging whiny socialist with some amazing socialist fashion tips replete with red socks and sandals.

Here at the Squib we gave this Jezza tome a firm thumbs up, but our secretary Gina nicked it and was last seen heading for the bogs with it under her arm. She said she couldn’t help herself, it’s the salty Captain’s beard that does it. Eurgh!

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PORTICO Authors: Adam G Goodwin, Dicken Goodwin, Jonathan Parkyn Format: Hardback ISBN: 9781911042969 Price: £9.99 http://www.pavilionbooks.com/book/the-unofficial-jeremy-corbyn-annual-2018/Jeremy Corbyn Leaked Document Reveals Remarkable Info On the 'Jezza'
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