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Consensus: Socialists More Dangerous When Out of Power

LONDON - England - The socialists now out of power in America and the UK are utilising guerilla soviet destabilising techniques on society and the current right-leaning establishment.

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The revelations that the super-rich hold their precious millions/billions off shore, is not exactly new news, however the recent uncovering of the Paradise Papers reveals one important fact, the socialists and Marxists are working overtime to defrock those on the the other side of the political spectrum i.e. the Right.

We have seen a serious leftist agenda at work with the rise of political correctness and Third Wave feminism in the last few months, leaving a landscape where merely touching a woman, even by accident or pecking a woman on the cheek can be construed as sexual harassment or even rape. This feminist push is not about sexual harassment but about power over the patriarchy, and the destruction of men in the workplace as well as in society. It is being orchestrated by the myriad of leftist communist groups under the scenes, and of course by large behemoth socialist monsters like George Soros and his Open Society.

How can we not have a discussion on communist Marxist groups without of course mentioning Antifa, which as a nihilist organisation claims to care about racism and fascism, when in reality, their actions are racist and fascistic in tone. Their role has been mostly violent, and the department of Homeland Security recently labelled them as domestic terrorists. Many of the hierarchy within the Antifa group have even travelled to Kurdish controlled Syria to train in guerilla tactics and terrorism of course funded by Soros and his counterparts.

The leftist groups leading the march against the conservatives in Britain, and Trump in America are not only proponents of violent behaviour but also do not eschew the tenets of free speech or democracy. Their only wish is for violent revolution and the death of leaders like Donald Trump. We can see this on Twitter where death threats against Donald Trump are celebrated and the users not banned, however if a conservative writes something, their account is immediately banned and they are erased from Twitter. There is also proof that Google, still mourning the loss of their beloved Obama, gives carte blanche to leftist communist groups to air their views, yet anyone else is sent to page 2,000 of the search.

What is truly mystifying though is that even though the Conservatives are in so-called power in the UK, and that Donald Trump is supposedly in power in the United States, the leftist communist agenda is breaking through everything, and is even being adopted by the people in power today. This sort of insurgency brings one to the conclusion that there is major Deep State help for the communists, and that the Marxists have some important friends behind closed doors pulling the necessary strings.

The leftist command over all media must be commended, for it has even infiltrated the likes of the Daily Telegraph where daily articles are spewed out from a coterie of anti-male feminist writers whose sole role is to diminish men and promote female supremacy over the male. These writers, have no place in the Daily Telegraph, and to read the vitriolic anger against their articles is to witness how angry men are getting every day. For how long can this denigration of everything male go on before society breaks up completely and war starts?


The subject of war, yes, total and utter all out fucking war, will probably be the only equalising state this world needs right now. With a war, many of the leftists who are weak, will die as they are not as strong as the right. All the feminists will be purged and killed off, and all the low-testosterone socialists will meet an unsavoury end because they cannot fight in an effective manner. Snowflakes, safe spaces, Marxist agitators, triggered bull-dykes, trannies, the constantly whinging left will be completely eradicated, the poseur Marxists a la Russell Brand will be lynched on the first day and their champagne socialist heads displayed for the ravens to pick at in the midday sun. All of these couch potatoes and their internet blogs will mean nothing when they are forced down on their knees and their non binary cis gender heads unceremoniously blown off into the gutters streaming with blood.

This is where the socialists want to go, and they are doing their best to engender war, internal war, not only here in the UK, but across the pond in America. This is possibly masochism on their part, their extreme self-hatred will eventually implode, and they will be exterminated without prejudice, because at the end of the day, they are weak, they are not trained in war, they are not trained in effective survival, and they have little or no understanding of the ultimate chaos of war or how to be prepared for it. If this is what they want, then this is what they will get.

Bring it on.

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