THINK TANK: The Rise of Communism in Britain Today is a Serious Threat to National Security

LONDON - England - The rise of communism through the Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn, and John McDonnell should not be underestimated in its plans for violent takeover and revolution.

When we have staunch Marxists like Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell commanding large swathes of the electorate, we must immediately ring the alarm bells, for there is something seriously wrong in the country today.

Marxism via communism has been responsible for the deaths of over 120 million people in the 20th century alone, and yet this dangerous ideology is flourishing amongst especially the young of Britain today. The youth have somehow fallen for one of the most malicious, evil ideologies ever created, and yet no one is doing much about it.

Communism in Britain is a serious threat to our national security and must be treated the same way Britain treated the Soviets during the Cold War, only this time, large swathes of the population have been indoctrinated through clandestine Soviet techniques by the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn.

Reading the words of devout Corbynistas on Twitter, you realise the extent of the problem at hand.

“We must organise. Much like the Bolsheviks, we must take what is rightfully ours through violence if need be.”

“There will be blood on the streets. Dissenters will be shot. Through guerilla warfare Mao was able to take power, and so can we!”

“The election was rigged. Unite as one and we are unbeatable. The million man march will show them our power.”

With calls from Corbyn himself to seize the homes of the rich to house migrants, one can see the dangerous mindset of this deranged communist madman. There is no doubt that Corbyn would arrange for violent action to take over the capitalist democratic state and destroy the monarchy.

From Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Mao Zedong to Lenin and Stalin, all these communist dignitaries have one thing in common, they came to power through violence and warfare. Who is to say that the same will not happen in Britain?

The only way a true communist regime can come into power is through revolution, which means warfare, guerilla tactics, and fighting in the streets.

The first thing the communists always do is kill 40%-60% of the population. All people who might in the future get in the way of the soviet state are purged. From the base population, the hierarchy then indoctrinate the rest of the population and shape the state in communistic ideals and utilising Pavlovian technique, brainwash citizens completely.

For those remaining within the populace who still resist and show dissent of any kind, they are shipped off to gulags (concentration work camps) where they either die from malnutrition or over work.

The threat Britain is facing is a very real one. In the General Election 2017: 61.5 per cent of under-40s voted for Labour. Many of the young people were only voting for free student loans and other freebies touted by the Corbyn led Labour party, maybe some of these numbers are aware of what communism is, but it is suspected that many do not know, or simply do not care as long as their student loan is written off.

With the current weak state of the ruling Conservative party, and the resurgence of communism in Britain today, we must be very careful to keep the peace in the country. All it will take is a few more mistakes by the Tories, or in-fighting that will rouse the extreme left Corbynistas to act, whether violently or not.

For true communism however, Corbyn and his Marxist Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, will not hesitate in mobilising and manipulating their brainwashed troops to react, to cause chaos, and to agitate to bring forth total anarchy.

Engels’ 1870s work Anti-Dühring describes the process of revolutionary change. The quote begins with “The proletariat seizes state power and turns the means of production into state property to begin with. But thereby it abolishes itself as the proletariat, abolishes all class distinctions and class antagonisms and abolishes the state as state.”

Lenin not only supported violent revolution but believed it is “inevitable.” Thus, we see the danger of Labour’s communist ideals under Jeremy Corbyn, who did not win the election in 2017, and is now pushing for change through the Momentum group, through violence, agitation and mass civil disobedience.

Lenin said that violent revolution is inevitable and “the necessity of systematically imbuing the masses with this and precisely this view of violent revolution lies at the root of the entire theory of Marx and Engels.”

It is not too late to thwart Corbyn and his evil plans. However, we must act now to stop him, before the mass graves fill the horizon of what was once a democratic Britain, and is now a communist prison where many perish without a single thought or note in history.