Theresa May: “So What If I Have Zero Emotional Intelligence”

LONDON - England - Blasted for her robotic, non emotional answers to media questions about the Kensington tower block fire, let us first understand the valid point that Theresa May is not a normal person, and she should be celebrated for that point, not hunted down and reviled.


May’s job is to deal with whatever comes up, to coordinate the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that fall in her lap on a daily basis. She is not some weepy, emotional flappy person, or hysteric female, but dedicated to her job. She is detached to the emotion, and this is how she does her job best.

Much like other barren women in power at the moment, May like Merkel and Sturgeon are all childless. They did not bow to their natural biological proclivities to have kids, instead preferring to pursue power in politics. Children get in the way for these women, and are deemed beastly burdens for such career obsessed women.

We must not begrudge the choices of these career women, as they made their own choices, and thus should be respected for their right to make that choice.

Ms May is frankly a misunderstood person, she rides so high to the mountain top, she has no understanding of these little people below. This stance is understandable and completely normal behaviour to those who rule over the plebiscite, they exist in their own world, and only converse with people on or slightly below their level.

Dealing with the electorate is every politician’s nightmare, and May knows this only too well. This is why she keeps away from them as much as possible. Unfortunately, this stance showed itself most during the recent election, where May lost the previous Tory majority in the House. Despising the electorate and plebs is nothing to be ashamed of, they are after all the unwashed masses, the uncouth Corbyn followers who believe any lies told to them by their god without question. Naturally, a heavily vetted group of supportive people in a room with May is preferable however fake it looks.

As long as May does her job, what should it matter that she despises the common muck? Being in politics is not about being an emotional blubbering Agony Aunt, but it is about leading and making the right decisions. Let the overly emotional fake actors like Corbyn and his dutiful Soviet followers instead dwell on emotional subjects, while others actually do the work and lead.