Jeremy Corbyn: “I Have No Understanding of Maths and Neither Do My MPs”

LONDON - England - With ridiculous promises and hilarious utopian projections coming from Jeremy Corbyn and his clueless MPs, it is almost cringe worthy to see the socialist lemmings all clapping in unison to a bunch of mumbo jumbo Labour manifesto dreams that can never take place in any reality.


“Free hand jobs for every migrant, Free Lamborghinis for every school leaver, dance lessons for convicted murderers, no prisons, no poverty ever again because everything will be free, and 20 million more police officers.”

This sort of madness can only be dreamed up by a maniacal Trotskyite Marxist deranged madman like Jeremy Corbyn, a person who does not realise that there are costs for things, and there are budgets that governments have to adhere to.

The UK is already £1.2 Trillion in debt thanks to the previous Labour government, and yet in this new manifesto, it seems that not one lesson was ever learned by the grotesque useless spending of the past years. You can’t just give people free stuff, someone has to pay for this shit, but the high earners are the Labour target, so if you tax them to death, what incentive is there for aspiration, innovation or growth — none.

Corbyn would ideally like to nationalise all private property, and that’s including your home which you have worked and scraped for years to acquire. He also wants to bring the trade unions into Number 10, which would be a disaster for all business and enterprise in the UK.

As for migration, it’s a big fucking open door for Corbyn’s Marxist Momentum movement. People in Britain are already heaped up on top of each other like rats, you can’t drive on the traffic filled narrow British roads any more, and here is this guy inviting the rest of Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia into the tiny Isle of Britain. There’s not enough square feet of land for that, what are you going to do, have people hanging from trees and digging underground?

The ludicrous Labour manifesto is so over the top that even a Venezuelan tin pot socialist dictator would baulk at it, and yet the lemmings who do not question, who do not look at other sources, or basically cannot count accept this shit without even a drop of logical, perceptive thought. How insane that socialists can be this fucking dumb, that they are some sort of robotic ‘yes’ monkey, with no ability to see through the lies and bullshit.

A post-Corbyn government according to the Marxist socialists will have everyone as equal, which in human term is impossible, but they just do not get it. How can you have a rocket scientist and a street sweeper as equal?

The hypocrisy of socialists and communists is that they live in a highly unequal society, where high party officials have their own lanes on roads, their own shops, and they send their children to the best private schools, the rest of the proles are all equal in shite, in poverty and derision.

Socialism also creates poverty, because it normalises it, and it encourages those in poverty to stay in poverty by giving them benefit payments to do so. This is a never ending generational cycle of poverty that can only be broken by proper education, enterprise and a market where capitalistic competition is present.

Anyone who has any sense would run a thousand miles away from Corbyn, but to do so you would have to possess an education, and knowledge of history, as well as a honed sense of logic, which socialists do not possess.

You socialist do-gooder poseurs are merely posturing, when it comes to the crunch you are more racist than conservatives, more un-progressive, and pander to soviet political correctness, censorship.

Let us hope for Britain’s sake we never see a Labour government ever again, for it is with this unholy pathetic misadventure that will push the country deep into the mire to never recover from the path it has taken.

If you want chaos, death, and poverty, please vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Britain, because under his watch after he invites another 80% of the third world into the country, there will be no NHS, no schools or places to live.

This place is already full, and by piling rats upon rats, eventually they start to eat each other. That is Labour’s Britain, a festering polluted vomit prison where humans are piled upon each other by the million, all the grass is now mud and excrement and over the collective moaning you will hear the voice of Corbyn saying how wonderful life is under socialism. Fuck you Corbyn. Never, never, never shall you be allowed to create your Marxist utopia that never existed in human history or will ever exist.

Socialism and Communism have been responsible for over 140 million human deaths throughout history, and this is the crux of the whole situation, they murdered those people for their ideology and party. Who is to say it won’t happen again?