Trump the War President Dips His Toe Into Syria

WASHINGTON D.C.- USA - War is coming, not only for Syria, but for others too. The Trump has been awakened...

There is no doubt that Syria’s leader, Assad is a butcher, an evil killer who sees his own people as mere pieces of meat, to be barrel bombed and gassed, but is Trump’s action of sending 58 odd Tomahawk missiles onto a Syrian airfield justified?

Hell yeah, and not only that, we need Trump to put boots on the ground to clean out Assad once and for all, either to take him to The Hague or string him up from one of his palaces.

Our intelligence sources think that Assad is probably not in Syria, the coward that he is, he is probably holed up in some Eastern European country or deep in Russia somewhere, so this may be a problem.

As for Russia, Putin’s protests about any U.S. action should be firmly ignored. Putin needs to shut up and take a back seat, his efforts in Syria are pathetic, and his ageing military are defunct next to the American forces that should sweep through like a knife through butter.

Under Obama, there was silence, cowardice and apathy. Under Trump we have war, serious movement towards change and all out conflict.

War will be a breath of fresh air from a once stale Obama led spending spree on nothing. Obama in all his years achieved absolutely nothing but spending of U.S. tax dollars on his cronies.

North Korea is the joker in the pack, Trump can take that out in three weeks. Once N. Korea becomes a de facto U.S. military base on the door step of China, the global order will slowly change.

Russia was allowed to recover from communism, China was allowed to sell their cheap plastic trinkets to the West to increase their military strength. The U.S. needs valid strong enemies, and is prepared to absorb a first strike, but when it comes to war, nothing beats the equipment the U.S. will finally unleash upon their enemies.

With dwindling finite resources on the planet, there can only be one singular global winner…and it’s not going to be Russia or China.

The already won race begins in earnest..