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Michelle Obama Bribes Voters at Poll Station With Home Cooked Goodies

CHICAGO - USA - First lady Michelle Obama appears to have violated Illinois law -- when she offered voters fried chicken goodies and a pep talk on how to vote in the midterm elections.

“I’m sure this chicken wing and drumstick will help you vote in the right way,” Michelle Obama says as she speaks to Dontavius Jackson Jr. just before he gets to the polling machine.

The culinary tasting exercise began after Mrs. Obama stopped off at the Martin Luther King Center on the south side of Chicago to cast an early vote on Thursday.

After finishing at the machine, Obama went back to the desk and handed in her voting key, then an aide gave her a big bucket of fried chicken.

She let voters including electrician Dontavius Jackson Jr, 46, taste a bit of ‘that homemade fried chicken’.

“She handed me a tasty chicken wing and was telling me how important it was to vote to keep her husband’s agenda going. I just ate that shit up. Hmm hmm it was finger lickin’ goo-o-o-d. Y’all know who I voted fo’ fo’ sho!” Jackson Jr. said before tossing a chicken bone on the polling station’s floor.

According to an Illinois State Board of Elections official, Sanders Gibbs, at the scene, the fried chicken tasting session took place inside the voting centre, not far from the booths.

“Soon enough there was a queue round the block for people to vote. Once word got around, people were busing in from other neighbourhoods to get some good eats and vote. We had to close the booths at one time because of the crowds and when Michelle ran out of buckets we nearly had a goddamn riot,” Gibbs revealed.


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