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It Beggars Belief: How the Fake Politicians are Raking in More Than £200,000 a Year

WESTMINSTER - England - Their apparently pitiful existence and pleas for money attract the generosity of many taxpayers. But some politicians are making the equivalent of a £200,000-a-year salary, police have revealed.

Police estimate many members of the Houses of Parliament, who pretend to attend to affairs of the state, make more money fleecing the taxpayer than hard-working professionals.

Some are routinely taking home as much as £400 a day, rising to £1000 at weekends and purchasing ornate duck houses, home extensions, as well as expensive holidays from their ill-gotten gains.

Working a six-day week, they can earn as much as £2,400 untaxed income a week, giving them a salary of £124,800.

After tax and National Insurance deductions workers on a salary of £20,000, which is roughly what newly-qualified teachers earn, take home £15,391.85 a year.

Following the survey of politicians in Westminster, police in the city have launched an operation to get them off the gravy train and prosecute persistent offenders.

The Metropolitan Police says one man regularly makes more than £5000 an hour, calling it ‘tantamount to theft’. Speaking from one of his mansions in Belgravia, Tony Blair, explicitly denied the accusations before flying off in a private jet to another lucrative lecture in America.

Inspector Richard Goatse said: ‘While we do have politicians in Westminster who actually try to do the job and serve the people, there are some who are simply using this as a way of making money and sometimes they are threatening and intimidating.’


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