Article 50: House of Lords or Labour Appointed Euro-Peers on EU Pensions?

LONDON - England - The final hurdle in political scrutiny in the House of Lords brought upon by the miserable Remoaners and their insidious campaign to derail the peoples vote that was conclusively for Brexit, will be the test of all tests.


The House of Lords is currently full of an unelected syphilitic crew of socialist peers who either bought their seats or were instated by the previous Labour government, to this end, there is great uncertainty whether the Article 50 White paper will pass scrutiny from these treacherous traitors lining the seats of the Lords, these slithering snakes in a stinking snake pit of inequity.

The corruption of the Lords is well defined, one can buy a seat quite easily by making the correct donation amount to the party that is in power, and this is why in no uncertain terms the House of Lords as it stands today is unfit for purpose.

As these corrupt individuals take their places every day, they receive £400 just to turn up, not including their massive expense accounts and pensions.

We have the Dark Lord Mandelson hissing in corridors, a bleak leftie figure who plots with great malice on those in the way of the EU. He receives his large stipend from Brussels every month, and delights on spending the money on pink satin sheets and Italian marble floors so he can play with his young boy concubines in one of his many mansions.

Then we have the coal miner fraternity, deep deep Marxists like Lord Arthur Scargill, a denizen of the communist EU, who receives a large pension from Brussels every month amounting to £86,000 per annum. Scargill proclaimed the EU referendum result as: “won by falsehood”.

Lord Patten is another one who receives large payments from Brussels, and labelled the Brexit vote as ‘xenophobic’.

As we have thus illustrated, this is only a small picture of what is ahead. The halls of the House of Lords are thick with these parasites, these paid-off buffoons and corrupt scum bags of the lowest order.

There is most certainly no love for the people here, or respect for their wishes to leave the EU, in fact there is only derision and malice for the general population. The majority in the Lords only care for their money, and the prospect of making more money, they do not care one iota for anything else.

Our verdict: If it was up to the Squib we would abolish the House of Lords tomorrow as it serves no purpose apart from entertaining corrupt officials and their agendas, but it is a mainstay of British politics and still survives, alas, since hereditary peers were more or less abolished it has fallen from grace to the point of no return.

If the Lords do not acknowledge the will of the people, and of the House of Commons, needless to say, there may very well be a push to abolish the Lords once and for all. Creating a constitutional crisis, much like occurred in 1911, we could finally see these vagabonds and uncouth putrid oafs thrown to the dogs.