Gina Miller and Foreign Treason Wins Momentarily Over Brexit

LONDON - England - As treachery and treason comes, having a citizen of Guyana win a court case thwarting the will of the British people simply because she paid europhile judges lots of money is a definite pitiful note in Britain's democracy.


Before the EU Referendum, both parliament and politicians vowed the referendum was the final word of the people and the result would be honoured. This is probably because they never thought that Brexit would be the answer. Only when the answer was not what they wanted to hear did they go back on their word.

To socialists and leftists, there is no such thing as a democracy, and we have seen that with the treacherous court case brought by the infantile Gina Miller and her sewage politics of corrupt money.

By paying off eurocentric judges bags of money this is not democracy. This is law committed by treachery, dishonesty and corruption.

Where a legitimate EU referendum can be overturned by unelected judges who are clearly under the control of Brussels, is a nail in the coffin of justice, and legal authority. Their judgement does not mean anything apart from proclaiming the British judicial system a tool for rich people to buy.

With this nail in British justice’s coffin comes the crown of excrement, freshly laid on Gina Miller’s head for all to see. Let her wear her crown till her dying day, let her every day smell the putrid rotting shit on her head, her crown of glorious corruption, of defilement of British democracy, of thwarting the will of millions of British citizens and for those who fought and died in World War II for our freedom.

May the millions who died in WW2 shout in your ears for the rest of your sorry life, Gina Miller, you and your treasonous scum friends who made every effort to commit treason and succeed in your ardent fervour.

You will wear the turd crown on your head forever. We understand Ms. Miller is under armed guard 24 hours a day and cannot go outside. Maybe you should go back to Guyana where you can at least walk about unhindered, as you cannot do the same in Britain as you are hated so much.