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UKIP Leader in Danger of Ending Up in Belgian Dungeon

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Britain's UK Independence Party MEP, Nigel Farage was today in hiding after an outburst he made to the unelected EU's president did not go down very well.

“Nigel is in hiding somewhere far away, we cannot of course disclose his location for obvious reasons,” a member of Mr Farage’s team told the BBC.

The unelected EU president, who is a very powerful man is also said to be a dab hand with a blow torch, his assistant told a local Belgian TV channel.

“When Mr Van Rompuy gets into his gimp outfit, things change. He likes to torture people for hours on end. It’s a way for him to release some of that pent up energy after a hard day in the office looking after the chaos in the communist Marxist state of the European Union. My master would like to know where Mr Farage is hiding? If anyone has any information please contact the president’s palace,” the president’s butler said on Thursday.

The UKIP leader, Mr Farage is said to be on the run and has been changing his location every 45 minutes to ensure he never gets caught.

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