Presidential Debate: Trump Falls at the Podium

NEW YORK - USA - Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has fallen at the first hurdle during the first debate with Hillary Clinton.



The consensus is out and Donald Trump has fallen flat during the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton.

What Trump fails to realise is that running governmental offices is not like running a business, his rhetoric is geared solely to making a profit any way he can.

Business people are only interested in profit margins and in Trump’s case he does not care who he steps on to make a profit.

To have someone like Trump running the U.S. government would be a nightmare simply because his policies would be conducted like business deals. In diplomatic circles, business is a factor but not the primary concern. Within the geopolitical structure, yes money is of concern, but there are many more variables to creating multilateral deals.

One must show some pity towards Trump and his deluded view of the world. Here is a person whose worldview is severely limited. It is thus within this blinkered tiny world that Trump exists, he does not see the reality or consequence of his irrational thought process, and only lives within a closeted cotton wool gold laminated eco system of business deals.

To say that Trump is deranged and unhinged is an understatement. His childish nature hits back at the slightest note of disapproval. Here is a man who is only surrounded by ‘yes’ men, and naturally when he does not get his way, he lashes out blindly. Imagine this man dealing with the Chinese, how he could lash out needlessly and order bombers to fly over Beijing. He does not know the nuances in dealing with cultural differences, according to him everyone in the world should act like an American. Furthermore, Trump does not care whose toes he steps on to achieve his goal of supremacy, and the world would surely enter a phase of war whilst Trump is in charge.


Trump himself has admitted that he does not read books, and his illiterate speech pattern proves this quite succinctly with his stumbling non-sequitors. Where Hillary Clinton is a very well read individual, Trump falters with poor verbal communication, bad grammar and an inarticulate sentence structure.

Trump was given $14 million by his dad to start up in business, and from such humble beginnings he has forged an empire that does not pay Federal income tax, has been bankrupted six times, and is in serious debt. We have a duplicitous character in Trump, someone who refuses to show his tax filings, and operates in secrecy. It is no surprise that his dealings with the New York mafia in the past during certain construction deals engenders this secrecy.

Does the world really need a dodgy business man with his fingers in so many pies trying to run world affairs? There is the question of how being a president of the U.S. could benefit Trump’s business dealings and whether there would be a conflict of interest. It is certain there would, especially with Trump’s cronies, who would no doubt get special treatment once he is elected.

The major concern for all should be Trump’s easily baited nature. It is all too easy to trigger his competitive personality to do anything, including drop the bomb on China or whoever.

As mentioned before, we should be aiming for clarity, logical thought and a solid foundation of political constancy over an unhinged individual who is floundering in the dark hitting out blindly.

The world needs stability, not chaos. Vote Trump if you do not value your life, or the lives of your family. Trump will start World War III. If you want to die vote for him.