When Will the Real America Wake UP?

DALLAS - Texas - The tragic death of five police officers is a crime that belies the sickness within American society today.




How many police officers have to die, shot to death needlessly in the line of duty for anything to happen?

Any traffic stop or any meeting in the public could turn out deadly and this is why the U.S police are so touchy when dealing with incidents.

We must think of these police officers and their families who have seen immense tragedy in only a single day.

Five policemen were killed, and eleven seriously injured.

Where is the real America? Where are the real Americans who love their country? Are you asleep or are you awake to what is going on?

There is a crossroads. You can take one road and find peace, or you can take the same path you have taken time and time again and remain in tortuous pain.

There are many who feel entitled, they feel entitled to commit crimes over and over again and when they are stopped and questioned by officers of the law they blame other factors to their incarceration. These people feel entitled and they feel as if they are owed something they never earned. They feel anger towards the police when it is their own problem and nothing to do with the police.

To all of you who feel you are entitled to special treatment purely because of reasons you percieve, you are not entitled. You have to work like any other person irrespective of birth. You have to get an education, get a job and look after your own family not relying on the state or life of crime.

Until these ideals are instilled in some factions of the community there will be a constant drag on society, where those who are left behind, uneducated, ignorant and perpetually angry cause more mayhem than is worth.

You are not entitled to anything. Get a job. Get an education. Educate your family. Instil the tenets of hard work. You are not owed anything.

R.I.P Officers

  • Des hawk

    Black people are the real America.

  • Jax

    I never read such BS in my lefe. Fuk the police. BLM panthers need keep on pressure to get these pigs. Go to hell Squid you racist mtherfckers. You suck



    • Jemma


  • trapster

    Real America died a long time ago.

  • Im REAL

    Best piece I read so far. So true. We can only guess who those ‘entitled’ ppl are. It’s all about taking and not giving. Theyre owed in their own mind. They blame everything on their color and hurt ppl. Shame it had to come to this. GIVE ME THIS GIVE ME THAT OR THEY JUST TAKE IT ANYWAY!!!! LOOK what they did to our cities!!!! SHAME!!! Real SHAME!!!!!! Sick n tired. I doubt we’ll ever fix it cuz it’s too far gone now. No dialoge just violence.