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Remainers Should Renounce British Citizenship and Apply to Live in Germany

BERLIN - Germany - British people who voted to remain in the EU are welcomed in Germany.

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For all you Lord and Lady Haw Haws of Britain who voted to remain, you can renounce your British citizenship, learn to speak German, and go to live in Deutschland.

If you live in Germany already you may even be offered dual citizenship in the future.

If you voted to remain in the EU, some would say you hate Britain and its history and are effectively nothing more than a traitor, although this could be true, there were many who voted to remain in the EU who did not know the reason for doing so. They were most probably the brainwashed youth who have been through the eurocentric education system and are not only naive to the machinations of the EU, but have very little understanding of any political process or ideology.

If you hate Britain so much, you are now welcome to denounce British citizenship and live in Germany where you will be able to live the life you want in the EU.

It is your choice and whatever your decision please just fuck off and stop your incessant whining.


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