Happy Fourth of July in an Irrelevant America

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - America used to be relevant but it isn't any more. This epic fall from grace was of course helped by eight tortuous years of Obama, however the shoots of irrelevancy started way before.


Why is America now an irrelevant nation?

There are numerous factors to illustrate the point. The first being that American military might is dwindling. When was the last time America won a war?

Secondly, American culture is dead. There is no American cultural icon any more. Popular culture has been watered down to levels below any meter. The American music industry is dead, and Hollywood has been reduced to churning out mediocre superhero films en masse. A cultural malaise of rotten mediocrity and banality pervades the nation and is now mirrored in its entertainment.


Thirdly, America’s infrastructure is crumbling and old. Arrive at most American airports and you see the facade of an ageing decrepit nation, lights flickering, old stained carpets as the fat grotesque people meander through the turnstiles. The roads of California are cracked, the bridges of New York faltering under the constant weight of traffic, the border towns overcrowded hell holes full to the brim with migrants urinating on residential garden lawns,  there is no funding left to tackle anything any more.

If you can’t look after yourself, how are you going to look after others? Obama, doesn’t care any more, but the truth is, he probably never cared in the first place. The lame duck president had his sights set predominantly on gays and bolstering his voter base with EBT. Obama detests America and everything it stands for, and here it is today, in its tired, irrelevant state, a sad shadow of its former self being hated upon by its own president.


What is America’s purpose? To police the world? To use up 60% of the earth’s resources whilst pumping out massive carbon emissions and poisons into the atmosphere? To churn out awful superhero movies blighting the global media with formulaic throwaway films made for the infantile and permanently dumbed down audiences?

That is what America is right now. It has no direction and is profoundly ashamed of its own existence. The McMansions, the McDonalds all old tired concepts that spew mediocre excreta out into the world. There is no pride in dysfunction and permanent decrepit decomposition.

american guns

And what of the Trump? Will he save America from itself? If Donald Trump had the capability to do anything for America, he would destroy it once and for all and leave it as a failed concept that never quite got off the ground. If he ever becomes president, which is highly unlikely, Donald Trump will bring war to America, somewhere along the line he’s going to rub some wild coyote up the wrong way and either destroy it from the inside or the outside.

What about Hillary Clinton? Ultimately America’s first woman president. Either a set up for chump status and someone to blame on when things go wrong or someone who can actually make a difference.

Either way, America is fucked. See y’all on the next Fourth of July.