£1 million Earner Paxman to Join Marxist Commune

GRIMSDALE - England - Jeremy Paxman, presenter of the BBC's Newsnight, has vowed to join a Marxist commune in the country to prove his devout communist ant-capitalist credentials to the world.

Jeremy Paxman was set to prove his ant-capitalist leanings today after revealing that he would discard the champagne lifestyle of fast cars and fast women for the more austere environs of a Marxist commune of socialist eco-crusties deep in the English countryside.

“After his severe beating down by the conservative mayor of London, Boris Johnson, where Mr Paxman was forced to reveal his huge earnings of a million pounds per annum, he has decided to take a sabbatical at a Marxist commune and get back to his commie roots,” a spokesman for the BBC’s Newsnight programme announced.

The staunch Labourite Paxman who is deeply ashamed of his huge earnings and his champagne socialist lifestyle will be replaced by another donkey faced bully of which there are many skulking around in the BBC stables.

Jeremy Paxman’s privileged education at Malvern and Cambridge are testament to his ‘working class’ background thus his embarking on intensive elocution lessons to learn cockney rhyming slang for five hours a day.

BBC 2 will be making a documentary on Jeremy Paxman’s time at the commune which will be broadcast next year. Mr Paxman’s fee for the three month stint at the commune will be a tidy £750,000.