McDonald's Restaurants to Open at the Louvre

PARIS - France - In a move that may put many satirists out of a job, the world famous seat of art, the Louvre is to install McDonalds fast food stores on its premises.

We’re not making this up. It’s really true, the Louvre is going to have a Mcdonalds restaurant inside the building.

“The Daily Squib writers thought up this unbelievable story many weeks ago and the idea had been canned by the Editor in Chief. We thought it was just too crazy for anyone to even believe but now it seems that real life is even crazier than fiction. F*ck me sideways, a McDonalds in the Louvre? You must be insane!” Phil Myass, one of our staff writers said yesterday.

Have the Frenchies gone barmy? What’s next, a Starbucks in the palace of Versailles?

“This is the pinnacle of exhausting globalised consumerism, sh*tty gastronomy and very unpleasant odours in the context of a museum. How about viewing some of the world’s greatest art whilst being accosted by the offensive smell of a greasy t*rd burger malevolently drifting under your nose?” an art historian working at the museum told the Daily Squib.