Brexit the Movie: Into the Belly of the EU Beast – A Must Watch

LONDON - England - The EU referendum is the most important vote for Britain in 40 years. This is why you need to watch Brexit the movie.

Brexit the movie, is a clearly defined analysis of the EU project and delves deeply into the dark world of the monolithic faceless EU technocratic structure.

The EU is a machine, it processes nations, strips them of their sovereignty, cleans out the innards of financial institutions of those former nations, and amalgamates the spoils into one singular EU black hole where the pampered MEPs and faceless eurocrats eat their caviar,  guzzle on champagne, and chuckle to themselves as they peruse the overblown pay cheque which just landed on their laps courtesy of the taxpayer.

“We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”  EU President, Jean Claude Juncker

In relative terms, Britain has its last chance before it is unceremoniously eviscerated once and for all. Betrayed by part of the population who were fooled by the scaremongering, or just too lazy to find out the real facts; the EUs technique of control relies on the populace of a nation betraying their own countrymen to take over. This we call mind control, and the EU is very effective at mass indoctrination, provokatsiya, zakazukha within the education system and propaganda filled controlled media.

The EU does not stand for democracy and its MEPs revel in this unaccountability, it gives them free reign to do as they please, whilst enjoying the spoils of the taxpayer cash cows.

“If it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a No we will say ‘we continue’,” EU President, Jean Claude Juncker

To punish Britain is to vote to stay in such a totalitarian entity, where freedom of speech will dissolve completely, where there will be no choice, there will be no mercy to the proletariat, just a cold boot in the face.

George Orwell would have understood the EU very well, as would Karl Marx, and Josef Stalin. Merkel, the current head of the Germanic empirical EU was trained in East Germany under the communist regime, and she is now head of a communist soviet entity called the EU.

“There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.” EU President, Jean Claude Juncker

When the EU army grows further in strength, your children, and your grandchildren will pledge allegiance to the EU flag as they are conscripted to fight on the Russian front. The Bundeswehr, will eagerly accept your sons and daughters to be used as cannon fodder, to have their blood spilled across the Siberian snow, or to freeze to death, their bodies left to rot amongst the other EU conscripts.

We dare you to vote to remain in the EU, a monstrous evil entity that abhors any form of democracy, and resembles the Borg with its assimilation of all into the behemoth of Baal. Brexit is the only answer.


  • Donella

    This film really cleared things up for me. Was remain but now Brexit. Thanks

  • Carol

    I was with remain but didn’tknow much about the EU. I kept asking questions to remain campaigners but they seemed to hush things up to me. Then when I watched the film it answered my questions. Now I know why the remain campaigners didn’t want me to know. Brexit 150% now. If you want answers watch the film. We have to break free from the EU. It is dangerous.

  • Daniel

    After watching this film I definitely will Vote Leave on June 23. Amazing.

  • JennyQRG

    Great movie. Have emailed the link to everyone!

  • Stasi-Fantasi

    Here’s the link to the full film ( – well worth watching if you’re an ‘undecided’ or an open-minded ‘remainer’.

    And *please* forward it to as many people as you can.

  • Pops

    Brilliant film. I thought it hit the spot. Tells it how it is. Simplifies and clarifies a complicated subject so ordinary ppl can understand. Brexit all the way!!! .

  • Lazydaisy

    You understand. This is a fight for our lives. A last chance – and it will liberate the rest of Europe, too – which is why they will do anything to keep us in.

    • Mattshark

      Or maybe a bunch of right wing populist, anti-intellectual, isolationist, bigots are not a good source of information.

      • trapster

        Being concerned for one’s democracy does not make you an anti-intellectual bigot.

        • Mattshark

          Yet this film is anti-intellectual and features many bigots.