Obama: “Would Americans Give Up Their Sovereignty to the EU?”

LONDON - England - President Obama is making his way to the UK to meddle in something he or no American would ever dare to do -- give up their nation's sovereignty.




Would Americans agree to have their laws superseded by China?

Would Americans agree to be dictated to on whom they trade with?

Would Americans give up their military to another?

Would Americans accept an 18% increase in all consumer prices?

Would Americans agree to have their borders controlled by China?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

But, nevertheless, here is the TTIP pushing Obama coming to Britain to effectively ask it to surrender all control to Brussels during the EU referendum. To emasculate Britain, to eviscerate it, to kill off this nation once and for all. Once Britain is gone, that’s it, there’s no turning back, it will be gone forever.

There is no jingoistic fervour to the cause of leaving the EU, it is more of a matter of principle, of survival from a totalitarian state that controls every facet of our government. In fact, the EU has already infiltrated half the Conservative and Labour parties, and indoctrinated/bribed these people who are meant to be serving the UK. This form of invasive attack from within and without is a particularly nasty covert way of taking over control without a single shot being fired.

The Obama intervention by a lame-duck president, whose only achievement is that of adding $10 Trillion of debt to the United States with little to show for it, is a shameful legacy to behold, but that’s not all the US is liable for, the Federal¬†unfunded liabilities now exceed $127 Trillion.

President Obama has been a disgrace to the United States and to global peace, under his tenure, the Ukraine was invaded by Russia. Under his tenure, the Middle East has descended into more turmoil and war, stoked by the Obama administration funding and arming elements that bring more conflict and terror to the region.

Mr. President, no one will listen to you, and you are a disgrace to the presidential office of the United States.

Don’t bother coming to the UK, no one wants your meddling reverse-Midas touch here, or anywhere else if possible.