EU: Summer’s Coming and So Are 25 Million Refugees

KOS - Greece - I bet you can't wait for summer time, the relaxed strolls along the beach, the evenings sipping chilled wine, and the 25 million refugees fleeing Russian bombs converging on Europe.

Ahh, you can relax now, summer’s here and you’ve got your feet dangling in the warm azure waters, sipping what seems to be an endless cocktail, and the sun beams down on you with a big wholesome smile.

As the Turks open the borders, the Aegean will be a flood of boats, all coming to permanently visit the illustrious shores of Europe, an estimated 25 million refugees will make the crossing this summer alone, the warm weather, an auspicious less perilous journey, all raring to go to the promised land.

Since the Russians have been carpet bombing large swathes of Syria killing civilians indiscriminately, the wave of human misery has not stopped, and will only get worse as Putin, Assad’s henchman, continues his dirty work.

As for Chancellor Merkel, she is too pre-occupied with her vanity project, the EU, which as sure as night and day is now at the cusp of implosion, especially when Greece is going to ask for another 400 Billion euro bailout.

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